Ask a Yogi

Check Out This Workshop: Create Your Best Year Ever!


Inner Bliss teacher Kathy Hayes will offer energizing guidance to create your BEST YEAR ever during this 2 hour workshop on January 7th at our Downtown location from 12:45PM -2:45PM.

Kathy explains a bit about what you can expect at this workshop:

  1. What can students hope to gain from this workshop?

    You'll leave this workshop with a plan for living your best life in 2018.  We'll start by doing yoga poses that stimulate creativity then for most of the workshop we'll be doing creative activities (written exercises).  We start by exploring what matters most to you and what brings you true joy.  From here we will leverage a creativity framework to identify ways to bring that to life during the year building a simple plan to follow throughout the year.    

  2. Who is this workshop best suited for? 

    This workshop is for those who want to feel confident in creating a great 2018. 

  3. What can students expect to do at this workshop?

    We will do some light yoga at the beginning and end of the workshop and journaling/written activities/creative activities throughout. 

  4. Is this workshop about New Year's resolutions?  

    NO, resolutions get broken and then we feel guilty about them. This is about focusing on what we want to create and having the tools and inspiration to live in our desired state.

  5. What should students bring to the workshop? Mat, journal? Regular yoga clothing?

    Bring your favorite journal and pen/s. Wear your yoga clothes and bring your mat as well. But most important, bring the desire to create a year you will be proud to live.

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