Spring Renewal at Inner Bliss


by Daneen Farrell

The sun is shining more and the flowers and trees are preparing to bloom.

Like the natural world around us, Spring is a time for personal renewal and growth, after a long and introspective winter.

As a matter of fact, your body is constantly renewing itself - at different paces - all the time. Your skin replaces itself every 2-4 weeks, your stomach lining every 5 days, and your bones about every 10 years.

It seems that change is the only constant, and this practice allows us to embrace our undeniable resilience and renewal. 

Through this Spring installment of Functional Flow, Dr. Rebecca Fredrick, DO and Daneen Farrall, 200 E-RYT, collaborate to help facilitate your growth and wellness. Over the course of three Intelligently designed classes, including open discussion, you will focus on these areas:

  • April 15: Find Your Center. We detox from the inside out. This class helps you identify the components of the core, and how to generate movements from your center to rinse, release and connect to your deepest intention. 
  • April 22: Open Your Heart. After a long winter spent hunching the shoulders to keep warm, shed the armor and find freedom across the chest and breathe more easily. Focusing on shoulders and hips, we create more pliability in the spine to soften into sweet Backbends. 
  • April 29: Clear Your Mind: allergies can be a challenge this time of year, creating a fog in mind and body. Using targeted breathe techniques and poses that help clear the sinuses, this class will gave you feeling light and and bright minded. 

After each Flow we will discuss the science behind how each practice works in your body, and Dr. Becca will provide research and expertise as she assists each module.

This series of classes is designed for the All Levels, from the beginner practitioner to the experienced yogi looking to deepen their understanding of the practice and the WHY behind it.