A warm welcome from Inner Bliss.

  • New to Yoga? Beginning a yoga practice can seem intimidating if you’ve never tried yoga or if it has been a while since you’ve practiced. Please don’t worry! Our kind teachers and reception gurus are here to guide you and make sure you are comfortable. Please join us to experience the countless benefits of yoga (new students click here).

  • Taking Care of Business – We ask all new students to download and complete the New Student Enrollment Form prior to arriving to take a class. Please register & take care of payment at the registration desk before each class. To make your sign-in more easeful, consider registering and pre-paying for class online prior to arriving at the studio and then just check in.

  • Stay connected – If you would like to be included in our weekly email updates (schedule changes, new classes & other events), you can email us to request your address be added to our list. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

  • Young'ns – Must be with parent if 16 or under. If under 18, a signed (by parent) New Student Form is needed prior to practicing. Parents if you are bringing your child under 12, please get permission from the teacher, prior to class beginning. Any young yogis practicing should be able to respect the peaceful quality of the class setting. If your child is under 15, please avoid the hot powerful flow classes.

  • Listen – Yoga as a practice asks us to honor ourselves and any physical limitations we may have. Although a teacher will lead you through poses with verbal guidance and hands on adjustments, listening closely to your own body is required for a safe yoga experience. Always get your physician’s approval before engaging in physical activity such as yoga.

  • We have hands – Inner Bliss teachers and assistants offer “hands on” adjustments to help you find freedom in your poses. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let your teacher know before class.

  • Mats – Although we provide yoga mats and clean them frequently – for hygienic reasons, it is best to have your own mat. Please bring your own towel and water.

  • Eating – Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours before you plan to take class. A light snack (fruit) is appropriate up to 30 minutes before class.

  • Shhhh – Please speak quietly in the practice studio & enjoy the blissful peace of the space. If you are late, please enter the studio quietly without disruption. Leave your shoes & worries at the door! Drop your need to feed your ego and just have fun feeding your soul! We invite you to step into a vibrant, playful practice of yoga that inspires, empowers and encourages fun!

  • Late – Know you are always welcome. We understand that life happens and sometimes late happens. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes before class. Consistently arriving late for class shows a lack of respect for the community and yourself. Late? Enter the studio quietly and prepared for practice. Unravel your mat outside the door, take a few centering breaths before you enter.

  • Come clean – Body, clothes and mat.

  • Unplug – Unless it is imperative for you to bring the cell phone into class, please turn it off.

  • On my body – Loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Water – Before class is better than water during class. Hydrate your body before practice.

  • Tight – We all start from where we are. A consistent practice will improve your flexibility.

Bathrooms and changing rooms are available at the studios.