Class Descriptions

Class choices offered at IBY River & IBY2 Westlake

Inner Bliss Yoga Studio offers a range of yoga experiences for every body!  From hot vinyasa power yoga, to restorative yoga; we teach kids yoga and prenatal programs, offer yoga teacher training and embrace beginners!

Some like it hot! Some like it warm! Each of the classes described below may be offered as a HOT class or a Warm class. If HOT is indicated on the schedule, the studio will be heated to 90-98 degrees with humidity. If Warm is indicated on the schedule, the studio will be heated to 80-85 degrees. The heat allows the body to soften, the musculature to lengthen and adds a detoxification element to the experience.

We believe in the power of breath and movement!  Our hot vinyasa yoga classes, warm all levels, slow flow classes and basics are supported by a rich breathing practice to bring students out of their thoughts and into a sensory experience, calming the nervous system and lifting the spirits.  We can’t wait for you to experience IBY!

Basics Flow

An inviting and invigorating vinyasa yoga experience for the new student to become familiar with the basics of vinyasa yoga. Also for students of any level interested in revisiting the basics. A slower paced, uplifting class with a focus on alignment and breath.

Powerful Flow

A dynamic and challenging vinyasa yoga experience is often offered as a hot practice built on sun salutations, vigorous heat generating poses and breath while exploring back bends, inversions & arm balances. For the experienced student who listens to their body and would like to explore their edges. This class is not recommended for new students.

Pregnant Goddess Flow

A prenatal slow flow that will strengthen your body, reduce stress, prepare for labor, and give an opportunity to bond with your growing baby. This slower paced vinyasa will encourage mental centering, focused breathing, and offer some restorative poses to keep you grounded before you begin your journey into motherhood. Use this class to learn how to modify an existing vinyasa practice, or come as a beginner to deepen your body awareness, along with sharing a sacred space with other expecting mothers. Open to women in all stages of pregnancy.  

Slow Flow

Mindful, soft vinyasa yoga with attention to breath. A slower paced class with longer holds for those searching for a relaxing, restorative yoga experience while exploring the details of breath and alignment.

Slow Flow Plus Yin

Slow Flow plus Yin begins with a gentle warm up to loosen the body before coming in to deep Yin poses. Yin poses target the connective tissue and ligaments in the body located deeper than the muscles. This requires us to sit in a pose passively for longer holds. Perfect for creating a meditative space.

Yoga Flow for All Levels

An awakening and fluid vinyasa yoga experience with attention to the breath and movement. Appropriate for students of all levels as modifications and embellishments will be offered accordingly.

Follow the Yogi

Follow the leader style, this is a hot powerful vinyasa yoga experience. An opportunity for yogis to come together, generate some powerful group energy & play together! Students must have taken at least 8 classes at Inner Bliss for participation in this class. Thank you.

Yoga Nidra 

Yoga Nidra begins with gentle movement to loosen the body before laying it down for a guided, deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra, which means "yogic sleep," relaxes, rejuvenates & renews the physical body, enabling you to effortlessly realize your intentions, and achieve an integrated state in which your body moves towards self-healing.

Kids Yoga

Through movement, breathing, mindfulness and community building activities for our little yogis, we create space for kids to explore their world with resilience and compassion. The freedom to play, move, and be just as they are encourages them to make meaningful choices for themselves - body, mind and spirit. It may sound serious, but it looks like serious play! We offer a variety of classes for different ages, starting from 6 weeks to age 14. Read more about Kids Yoga 


Come visit both of our locations!

In Rocky River, our studio & boutique is located at 19537 Lake Road in Rocky River, Ohio. Inner Bliss Yoga Studio is located just east of Cravings on the south side of the road.

In Westlake, our studio and boutique is located at 29055 Clemens Road in Westlake, Ohio. Inner Bliss Yoga 2 is located just off of I-90 at the Crocker Bassett exit. We share a building with JP Farley on the south side of Clemens Road.

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