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  Tammy Lyons  – Studio Owner, Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

Tammy Lyons – Studio Owner, Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Take a Basics Flow Class: An inviting and invigorating vinyasa yoga experience for the new student to become familiar with the basics of vinyasa yoga. Also for students of any level interested in revisiting the basics. A slower paced, uplifting class with a focus on alignment and breath.
  • Join us for a Yoga 101 Workshop: A warm, safe environment and workshop setting where everyone else is new to yoga too.  You will learn a brief history of yoga, the sun salutations, foundational poses and alignment cues, basic breath work so that you have the tools and confidence to continue your vinyasa practice.  At the conclusion of this workshop, you get a free class to try any class during the week immediately following your Yoga 101 experience. Taking advantage of this free class will help you to integrate what you have learned in 101.
  Michelle Hunt  – Vice President of Bliss

Michelle Hunt – Vice President of Bliss

How to take care of yourself in a vinyasa yoga class:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Avoid eating 1 hour prior to the practice.
  • Bring a towel and water. Don’t have a mat? No worries… you can borrow one of ours!
  • Listen to your body.
  • If you notice a part of your body that feels off, take it easy on that area for that day.
  • Modify your practice as needed to make the practice your own
  • As teachers, we want to help...Let us know of any limitations you might have or modifications you may need.
  • Try easy. Sometimes “finding an edge” means easing off.  Often that the most difficult thing to do.
  • If you feel sharp, shooting pain, STOP. Immediately. Discomfort is part of our practice but there is a significant difference between discomfort and pain. Your practice should never be painful.


Drop Ins are always welcome – regular weekly classes $16 to drop-in unless otherwise noted.

Class packages which can be used for any weekly class.   

  • 5 classes $62
  • 10 classes $117
  • 15 classes $167
  • 30 classes  $322

Private instruction is available upon request. Click here for all fee options →