Can You Breakthrough Your Old Beliefs on Your Yoga Mat?

with Ann Richards

Students in Ann's weekly Saturday morning Hot Powerful Flow class know that they can feel a shift happen internally after just one class. 

Diving a little deeper (to an original and amazing song playlist compiled by Ann) can help to unblock your path and break through what is holding you back in life.

A chat with Ann reveals how a 2-hour workshop based on this theme can be an impetus for the change in your life that you may be ready for:

What is the purpose of this workshop? 

The purpose is to show students how to shift from low-level energy thinking and planning, to a higher level of love and joy and choosing to look At your life in an empowered more positive way.  Break through your doubts and limiting beliefs to create a life with excitement and fulfillment.

Who could benefit from the workshop? 

Everyone can benefit; learning is growing! If you are stuck, sad, lost or depressed - YOU NEED IT!

What will the class agenda be? Do students need to bring anything besides a yoga mat? 

Yes a mat will be needed. We will be having a vinyasa flow, so athletic clothes too! You will need a pen and paper or computer for notes, questions, etc.

What is the role of the music in the workshop? 

Music is an incredible powerful driving force. I love to create the perfect soundtrack to uplift and energize our bodies, getting them into peak state!

Is it ok for students of all levels of yoga experience to attend? 

Yes, the yoga practice can be adjusted to all levels, and it will NOT be hot in the studio.

Breakthrough your Limiting Beliefs! Sunday May 7th from 1:30 3:30PM, Rocky River Studio with Ann $35.00 Let's move from a weak state to a peak state with a powerful flow set to a rocking soundtrack to reenergize your body and clear your mind of all its old stories. Followed by discovery and discussion of how to change your beliefs and find the best version of yourself to achieve your goals! Think Saturday yoga - but a 2.0 version! Questions about this workshop? Email