Why You Should Work That Asana

by Christopher Warnack

Who would benefit from this type of workshop?

Really all students can benefit from focusing on their glutes and legs. They such an important part to the stability we feel in our practice and in our body. Often times we focus so heavily on arms, chest, shoulders and we forget that we have so much power in our glutes and legs to support our practice. 

What can a student expect to experience at the workshop?  Yoga flow? Discussion?

In this workshop we'll spend sometime in the beginning discussing the key muscles and opposing muscles that are performing the opposite movements. We need to start with a foundation of understanding. Then we will have a full class focused on these muscle groups with a lovely release and cool down that will relax the worked areas.  

Is there anyone who should NOT take this workshop?

Naw! Everyone is welcome. As always in class, we will make sure that every level of student can be reached and will be reminded to push ourselves without overdoing it!  

How does this workshop fit into a student's regular yoga practice?

Your legs and rear will be sore the next couple days following so I recommend a low key class the next day with lots of stretching. There will be plenty of movement so no need to double up on classes workshop day.   

Is this a more light and fun or serious and intellectual workshop?

Well everything with me is fun ;) If you haven't taken a class with me before, be warned, I make lots of jokes! And this workshop is ripe for it! I believe in making all subject matter light and fun.

While there will be a grounding message in class, this is by no means a workshop I expect students to spend time contemplating. This is more about working a neglected and important part of our bodies, having some fun while we do it and supporting each other through wobbly legs and sore butts!

Alone we're pebbles but together we can be rock hard! Like your rear will be after this workshop! 

If you're interested, sign up here!