Shannon Will Help You Uncover Your Sacred Feminine


with Shannon Sabol

Who is best suited to attend this workshop?

Everyone! Males & females are both welcome to explore this Sacred Feminine Workshop. Masculinity and femininity is not about gender, but about energies and behaviors. Everyone is a blend of both energies.

This Sacred Feminine Workshop taps into the part of ourselves that is creative, calm, soft, receptive, patient and nurturing. In order to nurture others and give more fully, we must be open to receive nourishment for ourselves. 

What can students expect to do during the workshop? Vinyasa? Discussion? Meditation? 

We will learn moon salutations, which are less stimulating then sun salutations, and are very grounding and balancing. Moon salutations are fluid and softer, almost dance like.

We will also be focusing on the second chakra, which is directly linked with the hips, low back, and womb (if you are a woman). This is the chakra of sensuality, pleasure, emotions and sexuality. Connecting with the second chakra helps to open to pleasure, and allows for emotional and sensual movement in our life. It is the center of where we create. Feminine energy allows and surrenders.

We will conclude the practice with a few restorative poses to let your body completely relax and rest, and simply allowing yourself to receive.