Tracy Keough Will Help You Crystallize Your Vision

Energy worker and yoga teacher Tracy Keough

Energy worker and yoga teacher Tracy Keough

Tracy Keough shares thoughts about this exciting upcoming Inner Bliss workshop in cooperation with lululemon.

  1. Who could benefit from this workshop?

    Oh my gosh, anyone and everyone! I consider myself a Light Activator, so anyone looking to get clear on their vision for their life in a way where your contribution to the World is calling you to shine your light - this workshop is for you! Our vision is something that is unique to who were are and can shift throughout years or months. This workshop will work to harness your true calling and clear anything that is holding you back from stepping into your power with fierce love + joy!
  2. What can a student expect to be doing at this workshop? Will there be yoga?

    This workshop will combine all elements of things I love! We will have in-depth conversation around empowering + inspiring our greatest life as well as dig into and understand how we feel when fear + doubt creep in to keep us small. Meditation, breath work + crystals will allow us to call in + create a vision that inspires us! Through yoga, we will move energy, embody our vision and leave with tools to empower us to live an inspired life of our own design!  
  3. What benefits can students look forward to as a result of this workshop?

    Students will leave this workshop with a clear vision for their life. They will have tools to inspire action + empower their authentic Self to live into their vision every single day and, most importantly, shine their light!
  4. What is your favorite part of leading this workshop?

    Wow, that is a loaded question! I LOVE leading people into seeing what is possible for their lives and what it means to shine their own light! I get out of bed everyday to share the tools I have to empower people to be in choice, have the faith that they are the one to bring their unique contribution into the World and to deeply trust their own intuition.  Sharing the gifts of crystals as a talisman of support and connection is always so exciting as at is one of my contributions to the World! This workshop truly incorporates everything that lights me up!
  5. How does this workshop relate to a student’s yoga practice?

    That we are all energy is my core belief. For me, yoga practice is the work of moving and shifting energy. Through the asana practice, the breath + your connection to your body, you allow yourself to release whatever necessary and create who you are on your mat.  You then take this energy off the mat. This workshop will allow you to see the power of your yoga practice, as well as your breath, as a daily tool to live your vision in every moment

Tracy's Bio:

  • I am most alive when leading people (YOU) into what is possible in your life. Real impact is created through designing a purpose-driven future with clarity, intention + truth.
  • I am a stand for you taking inspired action to create your chosen future. I get out of bed each morning to engage in life-changing conversations with people who are curious to embrace who they truly are.
  • I believe that people and business thrive when living + leading from clear intention and higher purpose. 
  • Leading from a greater intention and connecting all ways is how I operate. My intuition leads and I trust it implicitly. 
  • I am a level one + level two Lightyear Licensee, Baptiste-trained yoga teacher + energy worker.  
  • I'm a crystal toting, eff-bomb dropping, truth-telling-with-love candid straight talker. I love the spiritual stuff and serve it straight up.
  • You can often find me wandering around in nature, spinning or at a yoga studio getting on a good sweat. Fueled by delicious coffee and green juice daily.
  • I grew up with a clear understanding that being for others is truly living. Generosity is my way of being.  
  • I am Tracy Keough and it’s so nice to meet you. Let's create what's possible for you and your life! Live your future now.

Crystallize Your Vision with Tracy Keough: Saturday, March 11 from 1:00-4:00PM at Inner Bliss Downtown

Workshop Description:

This time is calling us forth in a powerful way. It is asking us to step into a future that will only exist with a vision of our unique contribution. We each hold that vision deep inside ourselves.

Harnessing the energy of crystals, meditation + breathing we will , shift fear + doubt and clear any incorrect beliefs. We will call in deep faith and a profound clarity that empowers you to create a vision for a life you love.

Our time together will be a combination of energy, movement, meditation and writing. Each piece will empower you to access your authentic Self and step into an exciting future.

All materials will be provided. Please bring your yoga mat, a notebook, pen, and water bottle.

Workshop fee: $33