The Physical Benefits of Inversions

by Sally Brooks

Inversion poses in yoga involve some means of going upside down.

Handstand is one of many inversion poses.

Handstand is one of many inversion poses.

You've heard of these poses in some classes at Inner Bliss: Plow, Shoulder Stand, Headstand, Handstand, Peacock, Crow.

The benefits are plentiful! Turning upside down is good for our brain and our entire nervous system. The physical benefits of inversion poses include:

  • Strengthening the core and upper body

  • Bearing weight on hands improves wrist strength and flexibility, and weight-bearing in general improves bone density

  • Inversions greatly benefit circulation and lymphatic flow

Learning inversions requires stamina and perseverance over time. The psychological benefits of inversion poses include:

  • Learning to "fail" a thousand times and keep trying
  • Overcoming fear, doubt and frustrations
  • Turning upside down gives us a new perspective
  • Inversions are FUN and keep us feeling young and playful!

Inversions and Arm Balances Part 2: Next Level with Sally Brooks

Sunday, March 19th 1:30-3:30PM at Inner Bliss Westlake Studio

Workshop description:

Intended for students who have experience practicing basic inversions like Crow, Headstand, Handstand at the wall, and/or Forearm Balance, and who wish to boost their upside down game to the next level!

Learn to analyze any advanced arm balance to discover the "baby poses" hidden within them. Sally will then help you formulate a long term strategy for gaining the necessary strength and flexibility to master the pose.

Poses and transitions discussed will be based on student interest, so come with requests and photos ready! For questions email Sally at 

Workshop fee: $30.00

THANK YOU SO MUCH for yesterday’s (inversion) workshop. I feel like my entire practice has completely evolved to a level I never fully understood. SO many “ah-ha” moments, even with crow pose. My two goals for this YEAR were to be able to do crow pose and a free standing headstand (which I did numerous times yesterday), and I feel pretty confident I will be able to do them both within the next few weeks. Thank you Sally!