Why Your Hips Need Happiness!

by Shannon Sabol

Why do you hear your yoga teachers talk about opening hips so often? 

Join me for Happy Hips!

Join me for Happy Hips!

The hips are a vital part of healing your body from the inside out.

When we practice hip opening yoga poses, we can expect to experience some of the following benefits:

  • Reduced tightness, discomfort, and lack of lubrication in the joints 
  • Decreased back pain
  • A counteraction to a lifestyle of sitting for long periods of time
  • Greater core and lower body mobility and stability
  • A challenge of patience and resistance
  • Removal of emotional blockages and obstacles 
  • An opening of creativity 
  • Improvement in the rest of your yoga practice 
  • You can hula hoop like a rock star! 

I'd love to explain and explore these ideas further with students in a workshop setting. I hope you'll join me!

Workshop Description:

The benefits to opening the hips are improved range of motion and circulation in the legs, decreased back pain, and can shift us energetically. When we regularly give our hips some love, we may see improvement in the rest of our practice.

If you dread hip openers, this is an opportunity to look at your resistance with loving eyes and shed light and what feels stuck. Hip openers move prana (life force) through the pelvis, which is said to hold negative emotions and stress, such as guilt, fear and sadness. Opening the hips can create space for the birth of new ideas, and opens us physically, spiritually, and creatively.

We will dive deep into hip-opening poses that will invite spaciness in the body and heart. Your hips will be "happy" because you are giving them your generous attention.  

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