Sally Brooks

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

I first fell in love with yoga as a stressed-out teenager with joint pain; back then yoga wasn't very popular and my class was usually just the teacher and me in the dance studio in her basement. I will never forget the sense of ease and calm that would wash over me as the practice soothed away my troubles. Little did I know that the seeds were being planted for the journey of a lifetime!

I re-discovered my love of yoga in 2005 and knew I had found my life's passion. The practice re-connected me to the freedom and playfulness of a childhood practicing handstands in the backyard, but with the mindfulness and wisdom to keep me grounded and steady in a grown-up life filled with responsibilities. I received my teacher training in 2006 with Margot Milcetich and the Brahmrishi School of Yoga.

I have taught many places in the Cleveland area, but I knew I found my home when I began practicing at Inner Bliss. The vibrant community of students, teachers, and Bliss Makers at IBY is like a living, breathing organism, and the energy there makes me feel so joyfully alive! It is a true honor to be able to serve such an amazing group of people through my teaching. In my classes I aim to open up a space for you to see clearly all of the beauty, love, and peace that already lies within you

Yoga is… already in us, waiting to be discovered.

Without yoga… I would have a hard time realizing the goodness that is all around me.

The breath is… expansion and contraction, attuning us with pulsation of all energy in the universe.

I am not defined by… The story I tell about my life. I’m always getting the chance to rewrite it.

The best hugs are… The ones that unexpectedly make your back crack.

Love is… all around you.

The best time of day… is tucking my kids into bed.

I heart Cleveland because… I am so inspired by the creativity, gritty tenacity and entrepreneurial optimism of the people who keep building this city one piece at a time.

Locally you might find me… at any park in Lakewood, probably practicing handstands.

If I could live anywhere I would live… In a yurt.