Meet #IBYWarrior Amy Baucco

Inner Bliss is... not just my favorite yoga studio, it is one of my favorite places to be. I love the welcoming atmosphere and every teacher is truly amazing in their own way.

My favorite time to practice yoga is... in the morning. It lays the groundwork for my day and offers me more control over my emotions.  

Most of the time I leave class feeling... alive and with vibrant energy. I also feel relaxed, centered, and ready to carry on my day with a smile!  

I fell in love with yoga when... I fully understood why I was there. I had many misconceptions before my first class in 2009. While I throughly enjoy the physical aspect of practicing yoga, I've discovered much more than that through the years. Yoga has had a profound impact on my body, mind and life in general.  

My favorite pose is... forearm stand.  It's a fun, challenging, and beautiful pose.  

I have been practicing at Inner Bliss since... December, 2009.