The Chakras Demystified

Align the  chakras  within you

Align the chakras within you

Chakras are the body's energy centers. 

Sometimes called the wheels of life, chakras are within all of us.

Chakras complement and interact with our physical bodies and the multi-dimensional layers of our emotions, beliefs and habits. They are an inward map that help us understand ourselves better and can direct us toward wholeness, greater awareness and living more fully.  

In the first part of this upcoming series, students will explore the lower chakras, which relate to how we live in the physical world through our bodies, security, relationships, fears, confidence and action. Aligning the lower chakras allows us to rise up into the lighter, more etherial upper chakras and explore our compassion, truth, intuition and sense of union or liberation in the second part of the series.

The Gong is a sublime instrument of the Yogi. It can settle even the most active minds! It is healing to the nervous system, opens the heart and leads our attention inward. The mind is defenseless against the sound and vibration of the gong; it releases the torrents of thoughts in the mind and reduces tension. 

The Gong

The Gong

Each Part of this workshop includes:

  • Lecture and presentation
  • Yoga and movement
  • Guided meditation and visualization
  • Mantra and sound
  • The clearing vibration of the Gong

All levels are warmly welcomed. Please bring a notebook and pen.

  • Part 1 - Sunday, January 22 1:00-3:30 pm in Westlake, lower Chakras: $45
  • Part 2 - Sunday, February 12 1:00-3:30 pm in Westlake, upper Chakras: $45

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