Meet #IBYWarrior Michael Guzzo

I ‘fell’ in love with yoga... the very first time I took my first slow flow class with Tammy. I was dealing with some serious life issues at the time and that first class just felt like a warm blanket had just been wrapped around my world…soothing and comfortable. I have never stopped practicing since. 

I constantly practice yoga on and off my mat because it brings calmness and balance to my life.

I started practicing yoga... back when the classes were sometimes just me and Tammy. Tammy had just planted the seed of the community.

I leave class most of the time... feeling a sense of strength and gratitude.

The pose I love the most is... mountain, standing firm and strong, shoulders back and down, chest up and open…..vulnerable and peaceful.

The breath is... essential. It enables me to connect my physical practice to the spiritual element of my practice.

Inner Bliss is... my physical and spiritual house….a place I love to be.