The WHY Behind Kids' Yoga

By Megan Seaman, PhD, NCC, RYT

I believe yoga has become so popular because of its simple treatment for many modern day troubles that kids may have.
— Meg Seaman, Inner Bliss Kids' Yoga Teacher

How is yoga good for kids?

Yoga is good for kids in that it helps to calm and focus them; it brings them present; it gets them in tune with their bodies and aware of their breath, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

For many mental health or learning challenges that kids may face, there is some form of avoidance of what is being experienced in the present moment. This turns up as distraction, inattention, anxiety, depression, and can lead to a number of behavioral difficulties for kids. Through yoga, children can learn internal strategies of mindfulness that keep them motivated, focused, calm, curious, aware, connected and intentional about their actions. The mindfulness that can be gained from yoga contributes to kids’ healthy bodies, minds, and lives!

Why is Kids' Yoga becoming more popular?

I believe yoga has become so popular because of its adaptability and simple treatment for many modern day troubles that kids may have. Typically, emphasis is placed on managing children’s behavior through medication and remedial disciplinary actions. Implementing yoga and mindfulness techniques at home, in schools, therapies, and community centers as an alternative has shown many promising results. In addition, implementing a yoga curriculum is preventive and oftentimes more cost effective than high-priced remedial methods.

What results have you seen in kids from doing yoga?

Increased calm, self-regulation, and focus. Also, kids may experience increased academic performance and behavior management. More than that, I have seen kids become more adaptable, socially connected, confident, healthy, and happy after regular practice of yoga.

Why do we encourage parents to pre-register for kids' yoga classes?

Pre-registering is great for ensuring that your child has a spot in the class, meets age and health requirements, and ensures your questions about kids’ yoga are answered. Additionally, pre-registering allows the teacher to plan classes that meet needs and requests of the kids. Usually, each class is planned around a theme that is meant to meet kids where they are. Poses and activities are offered that provide energizing and calming mind/body exercises that cater to individual kids’ needs.

Can parents take yoga at the same time as their kids?

Yes! Parents can take yoga in two ways.

  1. Parents can take their own yoga class at the same time as the kids’ yoga class! At the Westlake studio, on Saturdays 9:30AM – 10:45AM, IBY offers a Hot Powerful Flow Follow the Yogi class for adults, and at the same time offers the Play, Move, Be! Kids Yoga and Mindfulness class. This allows mom and dad to get in their yoga, while kids have a class all their own.
  2. Parents are welcome to join the kids’ yoga classes. Although, it is not required, parents can attend class to learn poses to practice at home with their kids. They may also wish to participate to get an idea of what the kids’ yoga is all about.

Either way, parents are welcome!