Meet #IBYWarrior Melanie Dunn

I love yoga when... The world stops. When every emotion that has ever streamed through my body come together on my 24” x 68” rectangular home: a home that periodically changes color and sweat stains but never leaves my soul, my mind or my heart. Yoga gives me these moments. We’ve all had them. And when it’s your moment, you know it. In making these moments happen – that’s the good stuff.

My favorite time to practice is... When the sun is rising or setting. I love the way the light changes in the room within an hour. Throw in an acoustic guitar and a train going by and that’s timing – that’s a moment!

I leave class feeling... Tranquil.

The pose I love most is... Dancer. I love when I’m in half moon and I hear ‘reach back and grab your foot’. Sweet! I like it because I know with a little struggle and patience you find this always attainable and available center of flexibility, openness and strength.

The breath is... Cosmic.

Inner Bliss is... An incredibly soulful group of human beings that keep me forever living, breathing, dreaming and smiling on my 24” x 68” home.