Who is Max Strom?

Max Strom will be at Inner Bliss January 22-24

Max Strom will be at Inner Bliss January 22-24

Meet Max. 

Teacher, author, journeyman, inspiration. 

Max Strom is coming to Inner Bliss January 22-24. Enjoy this sample of his teachings as an appetizer, and come to the workshop for the real feast!

1. What is the most profound aspect of your book(s)?
Most people say they reread the books several times because they are captured by the concepts that open doors for them that they want to walk through. Reading the books helps them slowly open places that are undiscovered within them. Through the books, they are presented with the language to speak about spirituality without the dogma of religion, yet this way of spirituality doesn't clash with their religion but rathre enhances it. I get comments from people from many different religions around the world who thank me for the books and tell me how much they resonate with them. I feel the books are intended to reach everyone, despite their pre-conditioning. Consider Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; people of all races and religions were moved by his words, and the world needs more of this - right now.  

2. In your global travels, what do you see as the common point of suffering for humans at this moment in time?
Anxiety and sleep disfunction. There is a great deal of use of emotional medications all over the world and it's growing. I believe the only way out of grief is through it.  

3. If you could take one teaching and know that every human would receive it, what would it be? 
Our mind emotions and our body are not separate. Our breathing practice helps us to process and heal and transform our emotional life.

4. What continues to inspire you to do this work of traveling all over the world, writing and teaching breath and movement?  
Learning, understanding and utilizing breath and movement heals me and I am inspired to teach it and share so that others can heal. I see so many people respond in a similar way. They are able to reach an understanding of making changes or decisions that they may have been struggling with for years. They are able to open the dams that have been blocked up for years.

I am inspired to travel because I don't think there are many others teaching this way.  It is a well-kept secret, and I feel it is my duty to spread the teaching.  

5. Could you explain a simple tool or practice that encourages us to live from a place of love instead of fear? The simplest and most direct exercise is this Gratitude Practice and it only takes 3 minutes. It is the fastest way to sanity and it is felt in your heart:  

Simply focus on someone you feel more gratitude for than anyone else in the world.  Imagine them sitting in front of your with your eyes closed. See them as a living human not as a cardboard cutout. Then, without words, radiate gratitude outwards towards them as if it was your last opportunity to do so. That person triggers the heart to open as an experience not a thought.

Through this practice, our whole emotional world is recalibrated.

Max Strom is a global teacher, speaker, author, and trainer. His breathing workshops are featured in many conferences across the world including a recent conference for therapists and social workers on how to utilize breathing for emotional healing for their patients. His breathing DVD is being used as a therapeutic tool in mental health facilities in the United States. Max is the author of There is No APP for Happiness and A Life Worth Breathing