Why Lyndsey Shows Up - A Personal Journey of Healing and Recovery

I show up because I can.  

In Feb of 2014 my life changed when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

I had been a yogi on & off over the years but never as consistently as I had become after my diagnosis. With my life seeming to spin out of control, yoga was calming me down and giving me a much needed release. 

There soon came a point where chemo got the best of me. Any activity I had wanted to do so desperately was put on hold. After 3 more rounds of chemo and a major surgery, my tumors were gone and I was pronounced cancer free!

But there was more on my journey to recovery as my surgery left me with a very large incision that needed to heal. I could barely walk down the street or stand up straight! I realized how much I took for granted the small things that most people don't think twice about; running up stairs, exercising, moving around with ease!

Luckily I got stronger and back to normal life after a few months. I have even participated in a 21 Day Yoga Challenge at Inner Bliss! 

I show up because I've been given a second chance. This go around, I want the most happy, healthy, and motivated me I can be!