Chair Yoga at Inner Bliss will be taught by Abbey Spiro, who answers some questions below about this brand new offering at our small studio in Westlake.

It has been so exciting to create a vinyasa-inspired class containing my favorite component of yoga at Inner Bliss - intentional breath connected with movement - that is truly accessible to anyone. I believe so strongly in the power of yoga to heal the mind, body, and soul, and I’m so excited to offer that from a chair!
— Abbey, Inner Bliss Chair Yoga Teacher

What is Chair Yoga?

The new Chair Yoga class at Inner Bliss is friendly and gentle in nature. It is a series of movements that are done seated in a chair or standing on the ground, using the chair for support. This class will incorporate intentional breath connected with movements that are accessible for every body. This class is in our beautiful small studio at Inner Bliss Westlake, which will also allow us a more intimate setting with a focus on community!

Who should try Chair Yoga?

Those who will gain the most benefit from chair yoga are individuals who have limited mobility but are able to sit comfortably. Chair yoga is also a great option for students who may have a temporary injury limiting their normal yoga practice.

What are the benefits of Chair Yoga?

The benefits of Chair Yoga are numerous. Even though the movements will look a little bit different, this chair yoga class combines breath and movement in the same way as our traditional classes. This breath-centered movement calms the central nervous system which leads to a reduction in stress, a boost for the immune system, and encourages restful sleep. Physically, Chair Yoga improves strength, mobility, and the ability to balance!

What does a student need to wear or bring to class?

Students should wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement while seated. Chair yoga is practiced without shoes or socks to incorporate the many benefits of feeling the feet on the ground.

Is chair yoga hard or easy?

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga. In class, there will be lots of opportunities to rest and focus on the breath, and there will also be movements that gently encourage students outside of their normal patterns of movement in a safe and supported way. This class is designed to be accessible to students of any age and physical ability!