Abbey Spiro

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga! What began as "another way to workout" has completely transformed my life in the best possible ways. From the moment I caught a glimpse of the depth of this practice I felt a pull to share it - to teach - and in 2018, I completed my 200 hr yoga teacher training with Tammy and Inner Bliss Yoga Studio.

Inner Bliss is such a special place for me - it truly feels like home - and I am so grateful for the other teachers here and to be a part of all the connecting, sharing, learning, inspiring, sweating, and growing that happens within IBY's walls. Following completion of teacher training I started assisting several classes per week here and have gained a deeper appreciation for all of it - it is so inspiring and humbling to be able to witness students practicing and teachers teaching, everyone reminding and inspiring each other. It's magical.

While my belief in the value of connecting breath with movement has blossomed over the past several years, I have always had an interest in the way the body moves - I'm also a certified Athletic Trainer and I have a master's degree in Kinesiology from Temple University. When I'm not teaching or practicing, I love quality time (preferably outdoors!) with my husband Steve, our two girls, and our dog (our first child).

Why yoga? Because every part of it feels right in my soul. Because I feel totally and completely at home when I am breathing and moving my body. Because it heals and empowers and connects and awakens and transforms and illuminates.

What makes you come alive? Standing barefoot in the grass with my face in the sun. Listening to my favorite songs really loud and singing at the top of my lungs. A hot, sweaty, vinyasa yoga practice that ends with a savasana where you feel totally melted to the ground. A heart-filled conversation with a friend.

3 Words to describe your teaching style? Playful, intuitive, evolving.

Life before Yoga: Foggy, like I was running on a hamster wheel, with incessant mental chatter- most of which was unhelpful.

Life after Yoga: Aware, with more gratitude and trust and grace and purpose, and a much quieter mind.

Secret pleasure: Enjoying my morning cup of coffee in a cozy chair (or outside!), holding the warm mug in both hands and savoring each sip.

What is in your backpack: Journal for thoughts that must be remembered, cell phone, wallet, a variety of essential oil rollerballs, lip balm, wet wipes, and 237 old grocery lists.

What impact do you want to leave on the world: Ultimately I hope I am always willing to make choices that allow me to be my best self, and in doing that I hope I inspire the people around me to make choices that allow them to be the best versions of themselves. A ripple effect of people showing up fully in each moment with love and compassion for each other and themselves.

If you had 4 legs and you were furry, what would you be? A horse! Horses are strong and powerful but also graceful and sensitive; so smart and also a little mischievous. :)