Join the 7-Day #IBYSelfLove Instagram Challenge!


Join the 7 day IBY Self Love Instagram Challenge!

The focus will be on HEART OPENERS, and poses that strengthen your spine and expand your love.

The one winner of the #ibyselfloveyogachallenge will be announced on Instagram on February 22nd, and will be awarded a 5 CLASS PACKAGE for posting daily.

We don’t care what your poses look it...we just want you to have fun and feel good! This challenge is all about loving your beautiful, perfectly imperfect self.

Who: Anyone can participate who has an Instagram account! It doesn't matter what your yoga experience level is.

What: Snap a photo of yourself in the heart opener of the day and share daily during the challenge. To be eligible for prize: 

  1. Repost the IBY Self Love Instagram Challenge graphic and tag some friends to join you. 

  2. Tag @innerblissyogastudio for your daily post. 

  3. Use hashtag #ibyselfloveyogachallenge, and make sure your profile is set to public so we can see your post. 

*BONUS POINTS* if you tag your location and snap your photo at your favorite Cleveland hot spot (coffee shops, restaurants, museums, shops, special events).

When: February 14 - 20

Where: Anywhere in CLE where you love to hang! 

Why: Just because it’s fun, and we love seeing yoga everywhere! 

Here is the heart opener lineup:

Day 1) Dancer Pose 

Day 2) Camel Pose

Day 3) Cobra or Upward Facing Dog

Day 4) Lotus or Bow Pose 

Day 5) Bridge or Wheel Pose

Day 6) Fish Pose

Day 7) Yogis choice...get creative! 

Modify whenever you need to, and ALWAYS take care of yourself. See you on Instagram! #IBYselfloveyogachallenge