All About the Elevate Your State Workshop with Tammy

Wondering what Elevate Your State is all about?

Tammy breaks down the details of this afternoon of yoga, listening, breathing, brain training and visualization.

  1. Who is this workshop for?
    This workshop is for anyone who is interested in exploring their yoga practice past the hour we have on the mat in a class setting as well as begin to understand the power of living in a beautiful state.

  2. 5 hours is longer than usual. Why the longer time for this workshop?
    It takes time to dig deep.
    It is a process to get beyond our conditioned patterns & habits as well as the day to day distractions we all are dealing with at any given moment. This offering will have the feel of a retreat without having to travel far or be away from work and family for a long period of time. This could be a first step for someone considering Yoga Teacher Training.

  3. What is the agenda for the afternoon?
    The agenda includes:
    - A one hour all levels practice
    - Short power lectures
    - Interactive practices and inquiry to encourage students to: learn to speak with impact, develop the capacity to be a empathic listener, understand that every deep breath is an act of love, feel the power in chosen words, and making friends with your thoughts and using them to change your life.

  4. What can we expect to gain from this workshop?
    Students will leave with the ability to elevate their state from within, creating a cascade of awareness and inspiration that will enhance the lives of students and the people they love most.

  5. What do we need to bring with us?
    -A new notebook and pen
    -Yoga mat
    -Piece of fruit or small snack
    -An open mind:)

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