Why Teach Prenatal Yoga?

Why teach Prenatal Yoga?

It is important for teachers to learn and understand how to support a pregnant woman's practice, so they can properly guide her in exploring this ever-changing and transitioning time. Most women are in-tune to what their body is craving, yet aren't sure how to achieve creating the space for it. As teachers, we can give them the modifications and cues that allow them to honor their practice.

My message to pregnant students: I see you. You are beautiful, brave and blossoming. Keep nurturing your own needs and filling your cup, so that you can present the best version of yourself to your child.
— Shannon Baker, Yoga Teacher

Why do Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga carries a mother throughout the entire journey of motherhood, nourishing mind, body and soul within each stage. It guides her mentally and physically during pregnancy, and then later prepares her for the birth. Yoga provides support through the often overlooked, yet extremely important fourth trimester and beyond! 

Kids have a way of opening us up to magic, adventure and spontaneity. Yoga keeps us flexible in the body and in our way of thinking, and opens our hearts to the mystery of the unknown. Motherhood IS a yoga practice. 

Prenatal yoga allowed me to move past my fears of the physical changes happening in my body, and into a place of deep love and respect for its ability to create this amazing little human inside of me.
— Sarah Scott, Yoga Teacher

Join Shannon and Sarah for a workshop at Inner Bliss that explores teaching Prenatal Yoga on Saturday, May 7, 2016.

Learn how to support your pregnant yoga students and help them discover their strength and power during this workshop. We will offer ways to modify an already existing yoga practice and review the healing stages of postpartum.