Teaching Assists at Inner Bliss

Do you ever wonder why your teacher adjusts your body during asana practice?

At Inner Bliss we are committed to offering safe, non-judgmental and healing assists not to correct you but to connect with you.  

An  assist  by Dawn, Inner Bliss teacher

An assist by Dawn, Inner Bliss teacher

Inner Bliss teachers are focused on offering intentional assists that do just that, assist you in your practice. A deliberate assist feels anchored and compassionate while encouraging you to see beyond your perceived limitations.

We want you to feel strong, empowered and confident. We want each student to feel the places where they may have more space in their bodies or simply enjoy the supportive touch of a caring teacher. 

In our Share the Love Assisting Essentials workshops, Inner Bliss teachers will offer an opportunity to learn and experience the fundamentals of assisting. We’ll help you find confidence, cultivate intuitiveness and Share the Love with your students so that they feel ahhhhmazing while on the mat.

This workshop is designed for certified yoga teachers or those who are simply interested in learning more about assisting. We hope you’ll join us!


This FOUR PART SERIES of workshops on Assisting kicks of with Megan and Jackie on November 5.