Jackie Quinn

Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

I was initially drawn to yoga for the challenging, physical and spiritual aspects of the practice. The more I practiced, the more I wanted to learn. The more I worked on the mat, the more I could take with me off of the mat.

I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in March of 2010 with Mitchel Bleier Yoga and Tammy at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio. I loved learning more about my practice as well as learning to create a positive practice to share with others.


Why yoga? breath, movement, feeling more present and taking time to be more thoughtful. 

What makes you come alive? Family, friends, sunshine, laughter, music & tennis!

3 words to describe your teaching style: strength building, full of energy & breath

Life before yoga: 1st grade teacher

Life After yoga: Feeling thankful, peaceful and fun! 

Secret pleasure: any kind of travel

What is in your backpack: money, phone, water

What impact do you want to leave on the world: to be kind and to have positive, uplifting interactions with people

If you had 4 legs & you were furry, what would you be? A dog

You are stuck on an island and can bring 3 things. What would they be? Music, Books, Sun hat