Sanctified Yoga

by Claire Kaufman

Sanctified means to set apart for sacred use.

Inner Bliss Teacher Claire Kaufman   

Inner Bliss Teacher Claire Kaufman


For many years I've been trying to fully surrender my life to God, to practice complete trust in Him in every aspect of my life; for provision, protection, guidance. 

It's only when I decide to set my worries aside and not give in to fear, but rather to trust what I know to be true about God's immeasurable love for me (and for you), does real peace and joy guard my heart and mind. 

Yoga is a huge part of my life as is being dedicated to God. Like anything else, it's a process in which there are good days and bad days. I recognized yoga to be a spiritual practice from the very first class I took and eventually found a way to reconcile my Christian beliefs to my practice.

The name "Sanctified Yoga" was born out of a conversation with close friends about a vision of wellness we all share. After much prayer and practice I'm ready to share SY with my friends. In a SY class, you'll be guided to practice in God's presence, meditate on His word and precepts, as you move your body thru a vinyasa flow. Lovingly, we will link the breath to God's grace. 

Sanctified Yoga Class Description:
Give focus to both the physical and the spiritual self, in the context of a Christian ethos. Suitable for all levels, it is an integration of Biblical themes of love and faith, with the beneficial aspects of a breath and movement yoga practice. Uplifting for the body, mind and spirit.

Move, breathe, pray
Move, breathe, practice God's presence
"In Him we live and move and have our being" Acts 17:28