Google, Apple, Nike and More Offer Meditation at Work

by Jennifer Yuhas

Mindfulness?  Meditation?  At work?  Yes.

Big Companies that offer meditation at work include:

Meditation at work is working everywhere, and now it is accessible in Cleveland!

Meditation at work is working everywhere, and now it is accessible in Cleveland!

  • Apple
  • Prentice Hall
  • Google
  • Nike
  • AOL Time Warner
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • Yahoo
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • HBO
  • Aetna
  • Huffington Post
  • General Mills
  • Target
  • Medtronic
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • eBay
  • Intel
  • Harvard Business School
  • General Mills
  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Locally, meditation at work is now more accessible than ever.

I was fortunate enough to work with staff at both Destination Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission to pilot our Bliss Works program, specifically our Bliss Break offering. 

A Bliss Break is a 30-minute session devoted to meditation and breathing practices that encourage relaxation, energizes the body and sharpens the mind. We met weekly for six weeks in a conference room. Participants didn’t have to change their clothes, get sweaty or even take off their shoes, although many did. It feels really good to get our feet on the ground in the middle of the day when we can so easily be lost in our heads - read: fear, worry, anxiety.

The results? Employees in the pilot program reported the following:

[Bliss Break left me] Feeling empowered to control my day... no matter what’s going on, I can take a half an hour to slow down, recharge, and reconnect.
Being able to regroup from stress build up at work and after attending Bliss Breaks return to work feeling re-energized and more focused and clear minded.
I think Bliss Breaks have been very helpful in assisting me to think of breathing techniques for assistance in calming down when under stressful demands in life and while at work.
It was short and sweet and extremely helpful in managing my attitude.

Ask us about our Bliss Works program. Bliss Works is an extension of Inner Bliss Yoga Studios, offering off-site yoga services beyond the walls of our studios. Bliss Works brings the incredible power of yoga practices to you, to enhance your life and work.