Kids' Yoga with Erin Fox

My name is Erin Fox and I am happy to be sharing yoga with the youngest of yogis at Inner Bliss in Saturday mornings.

While I've been interested in all aspects of fitness for most of my adult life, I've only made a deep connection with my yoga practice in the past two years.

The teachers at Inner Bliss lit me up like never before and truly changed my life. 

I often left class wondering what my life would've been like had I found yoga when I was a child or teen. But I'm grateful yoga found me when it did - right in the midst of raising four daughters with my husband John. It was perfect timing.

Yoga was always knocking.  

A fun 'breath illustrator' for kids, the original  Hoberman Sphere  can be purchased from

A fun 'breath illustrator' for kids, the original Hoberman Sphere can be purchased from

When I was young, I would sigh these big sighs. My friends knew that was me dealing with something or signaling that I needed to talk. I didn’t know it was yoga knocking, suggesting that I breathe.  I worked out off and on for years, noticing that I was my most happy when I WAS working out. I didn’t know that was yoga knocking, teaching me to breathe AND move.  

When I got married, I tried outdoor yoga on our honeymoon. While expecting our first daughter, I bought a prenatal yoga video. After having another baby, I got back in shape with a yoga/pilates class. When my two oldest were preschoolers, they had yoga videos for kids. 

Still nothing, still knocking. Now with four daughters, I came to Inner Bliss and opened the door to something so beautiful and real and true.  I knew instantly. This is it. This was always it.

I'm now a Child Light trained children's yoga instructor and I'm happy to share my lighthearted and playful love of yoga with children at Inner Bliss. 

A bit about one of my favorite 'toys,' The Hoberman Sphere

This fun and beautiful tool gives children a visual understanding of the breath. We review the importance of "breathing on purpose" then I demonstrate what that looks like with the ball. Children are asked to imagine the ball is like a balloon in their tummy that they fill and empty.  

Then we have great fun combining breath and movement with the ball: One child decides on movement while another child leads the breath with the ball. They then become the teachers and the class follows. Everyone gets a turn.

So within the first few minutes of class, we have practiced breath, cooperation, respect and freedom to create - all before we even warm up!

The spheres come in various sizes from huge to small. It's a great and fun tool that we'll be using in kids' classes at Inner Bliss.