Join Us for Some Mid Summer Bliss!

The Coolest Hot Yoga Gear Has Arrived!

Whether on the street or in the studio, yogis can feel cool, comfy and stylish with these threads now available in our boutiques. Women's and Men's apparel both available!

Come practice 3 days within a week (from Monday to Sunday) and on the 3rd day enjoy 50% off 1 something you love from our boutique!  

Choose a gift to yourself for being awesome or for someone you think is awesome! 

Note: purchases must be made on the 3rd day you practice. The offer excludes mats, yogi toes and books.  

Rocky River and Westlake boutique hours: 
7 days a week, 8:30AM-7:30PM
(closed Sunday 1PM-2:30PM)
Stop in today!