Bliss in the Ballpark 2017 Recap + VIDEO

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Photos by Amber Smith of Simplicity Photo

300 yogis, assistants, teachers and bliss makers gathered to practice under a beautiful CLE sky, breathing and moving with baseball spirit in the air!  

Lonnie Soloff, Senior Director of Medical Services of the Cleveland Indians and his wife and fellow yogi, Alyssa Soloff were in the crowd practicing!  

IBY teacher, Katie Brown reminded us during practice that just like our favorite players, "sometime we strike out and sometimes we hit a home run" but that we all have to keep stepping up to the plate over and over again. 

She reminded us that just as in the game of baseball, "to stay in the moment. Not the pitch before or the next pitch but the one you are in right then - it could be the bottom of the 9th, bases loaded, full count and two outs, and you have to believe that its possible that the next pitch could be a grand slam that lands right here (the right field district of Progressive Field).

While we all held in Goddess Squat, Katie encouraged us to "pretend that you are Yan Gomes, and bring your hands in front of your heart and imagining whatever it is you want most landing in your hands".

It was a night of community, believing in our practice, our team and our city!