Resolve to Reignite Your Life in 2018


This workshop is sure to light you up!

Check out this Q and A with Ann and what she is excited about.

  1. Who would benefit from this workshop?

    This workshop would benefit everyone! Those looking for some interesting and exciting information to benefit their current high- energy state, as well as those who feel stuck and uninspired about the New Year.

  2. What is this workshop's goal, what can a student hope to gain or achieve? 

    I want people to realize they have the tools and skills to create a more magical year for themselves. Students will walk away with more enlightenment and power to create a life that is fueled by passion.

  3. What will occur during the workshop?

    We will start with a vinyasa flow set to an awesome soundtrack for 45 minutes.  This will be followed by a lecture and then a Q and A - which leads to great discussion!

  4. What should a student bring?

    A student should bring their enthusiasm to learn, along with their mat, and writing materials - or something on which to type. They will want to remember what they heard, and also when goals are written they become real!

  5. What are you looking forward to?

    I am looking forward to the full range of emotion I get to witness on students' faces. I see eyes light up, i see laughter, I see tears, I see amazement. Really I get to witness people coming back to life!

What Ann's past workshop students have said...

The discussion led by Ann after the yoga practice was absolutely amazing, informative and inspiring.
I love Ann! Her positive energy and sincere desire to help people is amazing! Her workshop was a very uplifting experience!
It was a safe environment to have open discussion.
The yoga flow class to start off the workshop was perfect and laid the foundation for the discussion that followed. Ann Richards is amazing and the approach she took both with the structure of the workshop and with the content of her discussion was awesome.