Teacher Feature: Meet Brian!

What brought you to yoga?

I had a Groupon to a Bikram yoga class 4 or 5 years ago. Then I just practiced vinyasa here and there just randomly for another year or two. When I joined a gym in Tremont it was included so I just kept going every Monday. I mean it was every Monday; I needed to detox and never had an excuse to miss it. The teacher is great and still one of my favorites.  

What keeps you coming back?  

It's a great time, every time. I mean in 60 minutes you're getting cardio/stretching/sweating/strength/balance/meditation/sleep and more. Again all in just a FULL HOUR. From there it really is just a practice, as I say to end all my classes. Whether it is advancing a pose or finding something new, it motivates me to show up for the next time on the mat.  

What do you like about teaching in downtown Cleveland?  

The space. The studio once you walk in is visually nice to look at. Then the sound. The acoustics are the best I've ever heard in any studio. Every. Single. Class. I'm walking around playing the HITS. I get blown away of how good the music sounds. It sounds freaking magical.  

How have you seen yoga transform people? Can you think of a good example?  

Well far be it from myself...to relate something...back to...myself. Of course it's changed my life.

It starts with just the basic Asana (physical) then you get all the benefits off the mat. The mental part of calming the mind and going back to your breath is what really has helped transform me. I even get too worried that I am too calm and not taking enough responsibility in my own life. We will get there though - it’s just a practice right...?

What are your favorite poses and why?

My favorites are the more advanced poses. The aforementioned physical aspect of practice is still my favorite. So any arm balance really challenges me and I find most rewarding when I can complete one.

I am just a little limber guy and in general yoga poses do come easy to me. However, it’s still....again....a practice and by no means am I even close to mastering the slightest bit of arm balancing. 

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