Rituals: The New February 2017 Experience

This February 12-26, the original Experience is enhanced!

Tammy explains.

How many Experience workshops have there been at Inner Bliss?

We have offered the "Experience" over 20 times since 2008 when we held our very first 21-day version. In the beginning we called it the "Immersion." It began with an intention to "immerse" into your yoga practice and taking care of yourself for 3 weeks. Eventually we realized that it truly was an "Experience" to never forget and changed the name. 


Are there usually repeat students or new students each time?

Each time we offer the Experience there is a mix of brand new students and students who have done the Experience before. 


What makes this one, 'Rituals,' different?

Rituals, a new kind of experience and will be more focused on letting go of mindless habits of all sorts and building meaningful rituals into your day to day life. While some of these rituals may be related to food, we will focus less on food and more on self care in general. 


How do you incorporate or manage your family's needs during The Experience? Is it challenging?

I don't impose the Experience practices on my family unless they are interested in joining along. I have learned that force leads to resistance. If my kids see me taking care of myself and making different choices, they get curious and we talk. But I encourage them to make their own choices and listen to their own bodies. My husband is a great partner and he always joins me in the practices because he knows how good he feels!


What’s your favorite part of leading this workshop? 

The stories! I love hearing students sharing their stories of self-discovery, the personal triumphs and the aha moments.