Why Handstands?

Going upside down to lift yourself up!

Inner Bliss teacher and handstand zealot Sally shares the 'upsides' of practicing this pose.

Learn how to do this!

Learn how to do this!

Why do you love handstands?
Handstands are invigorating and super fun. I do them all throughout the day, any time I need an energy boost or a shift in perspective. 

Is there an art to doing a handstand?
Handstands are a constant practice. I find that I have to always keep doing them in order to stay strong enough to do them. Also, part of the art of handstanding is the art of getting comfortable with failure. You have to be willing to NOT nail the handstand 1,000 times in order to get one good one. 

Who should take this workshop/series?  
Anyone who wants to learn handstand from scratch or who wants to up their handstand game and get better! 

Happy Handstands 3-Part Workshop

Sign up for all three to learn, practice and learn more! Or, sign up for any part individually. 

Happy Handstands Part 1. Saturday, September 10, 1-3 p.m. with Sally in Westlake. $30.
An introduction to the mechanics of Handstand that will also help with all inversions, arm-balances, and weight-bearing poses like Chaturanga, Plank, and Downward Facing Dog. Learn subtle but powerful actions for your hands, wrists, shoulders, and core that will transform your ability to get upside down and stay there safely. Additionally, you will be introduced to exercises that you can practice at home in Part 2 of the Series, so that you can build strength over time before returning for Part 3. You are welcome to sign up for the whole Happy Handstands Series or any part individually. However, even if you can already do a handstand with some proficiency you can benefit from the subtle “tricks” you will learn in Part 1. For more information email Sally: sally.yogatherapy@gmail.com 

Happy Handstands Part 2: 30-Day Challenge. Saturday, September 10-Saturday, October 8. Online Support with Sally, $30. The key to mastering a pose like Handstand is to work at it every day with commitment. For 30 days you will have the chance to build your skills with the support and encouragement of the teacher and other students in the workshop. A private Facebook group will give you daily exercises to practice, a forum to ask questions, and a chance to post photos and videos of your progress. You are welcome to sign up for the whole Happy Handstands Series or any part individually. However, Part 2 is the essential component that makes this 3-part series unique—you won’t want to miss it! For more information email Sally:sally.yogatherapy@gmail.com 

Happy Handstands Part 3. Saturday, October 8, 1-3 p.m. with Sally in Westlake, $30. Take your Handstands to the next level and build upon what you learned in Parts 1 and 2. Learn strategies for taking your Handstand away from the wall as well as Handstand variations and fun transitions. You are welcome to sign up for the whole Happy Handstands Series or any part individually. However, Part 3 is intended for students who are already comfortable kicking up to Handstand at the wall; consider signing up for Parts 1 and 2 if you are not yet able to kick up at the wall. For more information email Sally: sally.yogatherapy@gmail.com