New Summer Weekday Kids' Classes

This summer at Inner Bliss, kids can take yoga classes while their parents practice, too!

If your kids are curious about yoga, or you'd like to expose them to the practice of mindfulness and movement with breath, this fun class is a worthwhile experience.

 And you can practice in the room just next door!

Body, mind & spirit play weekday mornings

Body, mind & spirit play weekday mornings

  • June 8 - August 12

  • PLAY, MOVE, BE! Kids' Mindfulness and Yoga Class, ages 5-9

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30AM

  • IBY Westlake location, small studio 

  • Adult class offered at the same time, large studio

Throughout the course of a class I watch the children curiously make new friends, find a strength they didn’t know they had, and tap into their quiet center.
— Daneen, Kids' Yoga Teacher

Kids' Yoga teacher Daneen explains that there is true value in introducing our sons and daughters to the practice while their little. Because Each child brings his or her own perspective and gifts to the class, it's never the same class twice.

The teacher provides a playful structure, but the kids make the class their own, as Daneen explains. "Its an honor to share this practice with our littlest yogis, and a gift to see them blossom into their truest selves."

Bring your little ones to our Westlake location's small, cozy kids' studio. Our teachers are warm and friendly, and most kids love learning how to practice yoga and even meditate!

I came late to yoga, literally and figuratively. I didn't begin a regular practice until I was in my late 30's. A friend suggested that I try yoga when I was looking for a way to change the way I felt in my body, especially after having 4 children.

I will always remember racing to my first yoga class after preschool drop-off, arriving 10-minutes late, mat flailing, shoes falling, and I'm pretty sure my shirt was on inside-out. What was a doing here? I was immediately greeted by a soothing Bliss Maker and then made my way into the calming studio. By the end of that first class I was physically spent, and spiritually calmed. I had found my sanctuary in breath and movement.

Wanting to deepen my practice, and revive my love of teaching, I completed the Inner Bliss 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training course in May, 2014. Since then I've been assisting several classes per week here at Inner Bliss. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a student transform through their practice. I'm so honored to be a witness to this work.