Lauren Shows Up

To me, yoga is a constant practice.

Yoga is my ongoing attempt to improve myself, to better utilize the gift of breath that I’m given each day.

I show up because yoga sheds light on what it truly means to live fully. My time on my mat repeatedly teaches me to choose gratitude over a sense of entitlement, acceptance over judgment, and perseverance over defeat.

In the midst of my freshman year in college, a demanding workload and long hours at the library can leave me feeling uninspired and drained from time to time. But, it is in those moments that I employ my practice the most.

Because of yoga, I am able to choose to be thankful for where I am in my life, accept that I still have so much to learn and achieve, and continually persist to work towards the aspirations I have for myself.

I show up because yoga empowers me, on and off the mat.