Kim Shows Up

I show up in honor of the tiny fears we all face every day, and the big fears we all inevitably will face at some point in our lives.

I show up for that one chance to open my heart, be fearless, vulnerable, and alive -- and to take a step toward being a newer, clearer version of myself. 

I show up on my mat because outside of class my day has a lot more inhales than exhales, tense moments where my shoulders are up by my ears, my breath locked in my lungs, and my heart beating faster than it should. Yoga is my chance to slow down, focus on my feet as they support my body and root into the ground, to  disconnect from my day -- and dance. I suddenly become, in my mind, graceful. I am strong, powerful, and capable. I am the person I know I can be.

Too often we look outside ourselves for the love we crave. In yoga, we learn that the love we crave can be found in our own hearts. We breathe. We practice. We grow. We show up.