14 Years of Bliss from Tammy

On January 1, Inner Bliss turned 14! 

Cooper and me in 2002. He's 13 now :)

Cooper and me in 2002. He's 13 now :)

It is kind of unbelievable to me. I was pregnant with Cooper when I found the first space and decided that I would dedicate the rest of my life to sharing the practice that had been so healing for me. He's 13 now.

Our first location at 18624 Detroit Road in Lakewood was warm and cozy. A big class was 5 students. I loved those early days of a very simple offering. We moved to Beachcliff Market Square for a short time before it was renovated, as we needed a bit more space. Practicing on the carpet was interesting but we made the best of it.  

Moving to 19537 Lake Road, Rocky River in 2005 was such blessing. The building welcomed us and we can never imagine not being there. The walls still speak to me on a quiet night when I am there alone.  

Three and a half years ago we decided to open the Westlake location when the parking lot at the Rocky River studio was overflowing much of the time. It felt like the universe nudging us to grow.  

Over all these years, what I am most grateful for are the stories.

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The students who have trusted us enough to share their personal stories of the practice healing their wounded hearts, broken bodies and lives falling apart. The stories of discovering personal power, moments of stillness and how to put ourselves back together. The stories that remind me that we are not so different and the pain that I feel, you have felt too. The overwhelming joy that I find myself in the middle of, you have experienced too. The stories that affirm the power of simply breathing and moving together, opening our hearts to the moment in a way that lifts us all up even in the heaviest moments.

Thank you to all you for sharing your stories, those that have been spoken as well as those unspoken. It is a daily honor and a privilege, that we don't take lightly, to hold space for you. From the entire Team Bliss, thank you for supporting us, growing with us and for always communicating with us.  

We  you.