Read what our students are saying about Inner Bliss Yoga Studio!

I truly had one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life after doing Hot Yoga. It is hard to put in to words, but I felt mentally and physically "changed" after a one hour session. I will be back many, many times after just the one experience. I can't thank you guys enough. I really enjoyed the entire experience and have already recommended it to just about everyone I have spoken to. Thanks again!

-Chris V.

I've heard about you guys from my girlfriend and sister-in-law. So I figured I would try it. It was my first yoga class and it was very enjoyable. I will definitely be back when I'm not at the firehouse. It was truly enjoyable. Thanks.

-Anthony H., Firefighter

I was an occasional student in Rocky River and Westlake until tearing my supra spinotis and having to take a year and a bit off to allow to heal. I love your studio and classes!! I took the basics flow to refresh and make sure that my shoulder could handle it....I left feeling fantastic and felt that my first class back could not have been any better! GREAT instructor.  

I think Inner Bliss has been consistently wonderful and cannot think of anything that you guys could do to improve! Just keep doing what you are doing. I'll be purchasing a package this weekend and seeing you next week!


My husband and I were in Cleveland for the weekend, and found Inner Bliss through an internet search. We were most pleasantly surprised at the beautiful studio and the warm welcome and the fantastic warm yoga class with Sally. As I am a bit of a yoga nut, I read the events schedule on the desk and noticed a community style rooftop yoga class on Sunday with Ann. WOW!!!!!! what a fantastic yoga/Cleveland experience. Thank you Inner Bliss for a great Yoga in Cleveland experience. We will be sure to return to the studio when back in Cleveland.

-Deb L.

I just recently moved to Cleveland and I found out about your space online. Checked out the rooftop event on Saturday and it was AWESOME!! I loved it!! And Ann was wonderful, great vibes. I'll definitely come back :)

-Rachel C.

I recently had my first visit to Inner Bliss, as you know, and I completely loved it! I've struggled with finding yoga studios when I move that are a good fit for me. This class was challenging, offered variations, and had an overall great vibe.

The girl at the desk who checked me in, as well as the instructor, were both very sweet and exactly the kind of people I value having at my yoga studio. It is very important to me that my yoga studio has a supportive, encouraging, overall peaceful environment, which is why I do yoga, and yours offered nothing less! I was told about the studio from a co-worker who raved as well. There isn't anything I would change after my first visit, and I cannot wait to come back.

-Lauren F.

Thank you very much for your class. I came with my aunt when I was visiting Cleveland. We went to Dawn's class on Saturday, and it was wonderful. I am inexperienced at yoga, and Dawn was an excellent teacher. The atmosphere was fun and light, yet peaceful and deep. After class, I felt like a million dollars. My body felt strong and loose, and my mind was calm and free.

The music was perfect. The flow of the poses felt just right. The adjustments that both instructors made for me were helpful and gentle. I wish that I lived in Cleveland so I could attend Inner Bliss classes regularly. Thank you very much for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

-Meghan M.

Dear Fabulous Inner Bliss Studios,

I have been to each of your studios previously. I started my yoga practice at Gold's Gym, now LA Fitness. That is where I had the opportunity to meet Sally Brooks. It was Sally who taught me to appreciate yoga for all it has to offer at any stage in your life. Her passion for yoga and love for helping others helped me in so many ways. I had the chance to participate in Sally's awesome moon salutation class Sunday evening. So many people thought it was fabulous, and her gift of speaking and engaging her students throughout the class puts her in a class all of her own. I can't wait to be in her class Thursday and hope to see more classes as I will follow her.

All of your instructors are superb! I just wanted to express my gratitude to Sally, and express what you already know, she is an asset to your number one yoga program.

-Sue S.

My experience on Saturday was wonderful!!  I just finished my treatments for breast cancer 8 weeks ago and this is just what I need!  I also had bilateral mastectomies in June and my body just feels wrecked. But I have to say I can tell a difference just from one day! Daneen was so great! She made me, and I think the whole class, feel so comfortable with this new experience.

I came with my friend Sarah.  I think she goes to class regularly between River and Westlake.  I will be returning! Thanks so much!


Wish I was still in Ohio. Have not found a studio in Florida that makes me feel as I did when I was at Inner Bliss. Your team and studios are irreplaceable! Best to you all in the new year!


Just wanted to tell you about our first experience with Inner Bliss... our children tried a class and loved it!  We signed them up for sessions... they are excited!  Our girls are in cheerleading and tumbling so we thought yoga would be a great compliment to their current activities.  Our son is in basketball and swimming and we thought he would enjoy yoga as well.

We heard about your through friends and through our trainer and both highly recommended Inner Bliss. My husband and I are going to come to a class this coming weekend.

Thank you,

-Heather and Matt

I come to bliss because of the community. The studio is warm and welcoming, the staff is nurturing and encouraging. Classes feel like reunions where we meet and share our practice. Honest, loving and caring unconditionally…

The people. I was very new to yoga and going through a divorce. Ann Richards was my first instructor and she was an inspiration and continues to be. I have found that EVERY person that works for Inner Bliss creates an environment that is peaceful, calm and AMAZING!

The combination of dedicated yoga practice with a lighthearted energy in the class keep me coming back. Everyone takes yoga seriously, but not themselves. I'm not intimidated and never feel out of place even though I'm a beginner yogi. I leave class feeling recharged and peaceful.

There are too many benefits to prioritize one above another. One thing that I absolutely treasure and have found lacking at other studios is your commitment to preventing injury. As a Physical Therapist this is very apparent by instructor sequencing of stretches, gradual buildup followed by cool down with deeper stretches done when muscles are warm. I also value the frequent reminders to customize the class to fit my needs. And did I mention my upper body and butt look relatively amazing?!

There's something about practicing in a space that's dedicated to just yoga - not spinning or Zumba or ballet. That fact makes it more sacred and meaningful to me. Plus the teachers and the stories they tell - it's like they know what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. Thank you for this community.

I love the warmth of the people who work at Inner Bliss. They treat me as if I am a friend, not just a student. Add the knowledge and skill level of the instructors, and it’s an amazing place. While recovering from surgery, I shared with my physical therapists that I would like to return to yoga. The physical therapists were concerned until I told them that Inner Bliss is my yoga studio. They believe that IBYS are tops, also. We are blessed to have a studio with so many talented people.

I love the incredibly packed schedule of classes! I have never seen a more robust studio anywhere. Between both locations, there is literally a class anytime I'm available. Also, the quality of IB teachers is phenomenal. All of this has grown from the Tammy's vision, leadership and love.

Yoga builds my body while quieting my mind. The instructors help me believe I can do things I never thought I could. And I find myself remembering their helpful insights about managing life as I go through my day. "You can focus on the pain, or you can focus on the breath!

The music.. Ann, Tammy and Marisa have used music to take it to a whole new level. It energizes me, makes me cry, makes me feel powerful all at the same time. The affirmations and the wisdom resonate with me long after I've left the building. I love the river location, have been to the Westlake bldg. not the same vibe. Inner Bliss is a treat for me that I don't always get to enjoy on a consistent basis, but when I'm there I know there is no other place I would rather be in that moment. Thank you.

Everything about inner bliss!! The teachers and classes are amazing!! not only do you get a great workout but you also get an amazing spiritual, mindfulness and stress relieving practice! I come back because yoga at inner bliss makes me a better and happier person and it transfers into every aspect of my life - my relationships, work and most importantly who I am and want to be. Also, the teachers and bliss makers are so kind and helpful and try to get to know you.

I never feel judged and I always leave with a sense of peacefulness and empowerment.

The best thing about Inner Bliss is that it caters to every type of student whether it's level or preferred style of class. I always attend Hot Powerful Flow, however, I go to different teachers depending on what I want to get out of the experience; if I want to focus more on my spiritual well being I will go to one teacher, if I want to sweat like crazy and push myself physically I will go to a different teacher. I love the fact that I gain something different each time I go, and each time I go I somehow get exactly what I needed.

My all-time favorite thing about Inner Bliss is how it feels like home. It's cozy and immediately gives off good vibes. I already feel calm just walking into the studio. I come back again and again because it's my personal goal to improve my self-love and strength. Inner Bliss has helped me accomplish that. Inner Bliss helps me reach my full potential in being present and being strong and continuing to grow in my practice.

The teachers are awesome. I love the workouts but the mental and spiritual help they offer has changed my life for the better. Often times, I take yoga classes offered at my work's fitness center because it fits my schedule better. But their teachers concentrate on the physical workout. They seem to be teaching yoga because it's a paycheck or good exercise. It's not close to the quality at InnerBliss. The InnerBliss teachers seem to really live or love yoga. And it shows when I compare the experience offered at other places.

When I first started at IBY, I kept coming back because the teachers exude a calm and contentment that I had never experienced and I Wanted that same feeling for myself. I consistently practice now because I feel stronger physically but the real change is on the inside. I feel different: better, calmer and happier. THAT feeling is why my practice at IBY is so important to me.

The space and vibe that IBY offers is unlike any other studio. From the moment I enter the studio and greeted by a bliss maker, I feel like I belong. Being able to practice in a judgment free with a community of yogis that value the purpose of the breath and movement beyond a physical workout is why I choose this studio. I crave soulful community and with IBY that is what I feel is invaluable in my yoga practice.

Inner Bliss is a place to give my mind a rest and balance my soul. It's an hour in my day to hit the reset button to feel steady again.

Plain and simply, the teachers. I have been to many yoga studios, but the teachers at Inner Bliss have a way of making each student feel valued and at ease. The hands on adjustments are super helpful and really connect you to the teacher. I love the focus on both the physical and spiritual elements of yoga that are found in each class.

Tammy's inspiring messages make my week. It is so hard for me to leave work but she makes my week start off great when I come on Monday nights. Thank you Tammy!! Also, I love the one off events - such as Believe in CLE. I am always looking for things to do that are part of our city and that one is one I look forward to every year!

The place, the people, the yoga! Truly the embodiment of what yoga is suppose to be about. I’ve been to other yoga studios. This is by far the best. Enjoy!
— Chris Zano
Inner Bliss is well named. It is a real yoga studio with certified yoga instructors. There is no “push”, only a peaceful and pleasant environment. I can not say enough good about my experience and the help Inner Bliss has proved to me.
— Ted