Mid Summer Cleanse - 5 Day Mini Experience


A 5 Day Experience with 4 practices, 6 HAPPY MAILS and all the info you need to press reset and begin again!

Get brave for change! Join us as we enter the world of clean, whole food, lots of yoga & feeling great in our bodies! The Experience is so much more than a cleanse...it is an chance to step back, observe the habits surrounding how we care for ourselves & then deliberately cultivate new rituals that light us up!

Sign up for the Mini Experience and commit to:

  • YOGA: 4 days of yoga practice at the studios over the 5 days & one practice at home.  You may attend any class at any time.  You don't have to be the strongest or most flexible.  Just show up to breathe. 

  • MEDITATE & LISTEN: Sit still and breathe for 5-10 minutes each day.  Listen to your body. Notice. Do your best.

  • GIVE: Do something once a day to give back: Buy someone coffee, leave someone a love note, go out of your way to help someone in need. The options are limitless. Do something once a day that is outside your normal giving. 

  • WHOLE:  Feed your body with WHOLE foods making delicious, life-affirming choices from veggies, fruit, nuts, fresh fish & meat, food that is food.

  • HYDRATE:  Drink a half-gallon of water each day.  Limit caffeine to one beverage each day.  Consume no alcohol or soda/pop for the 5 days.  

  • GRATITUDE PRAYER: a practice of getting still & saying your own gratitude prayer/offering prior to eating your meals or after, if you forget.

  • RITUALS: We will also introduce additional rituals to enhance not only your Experience but your life after the 5 days end.   

FEE: $59 – This includes 4 regular weekly classes, all informational materials and regular “happy mail” in your inbox to support your Experience. NOTE: Classes included in the Experience cannot be used after Friday, July 12 - 2019.  Sadly, no exceptions can be made.