Teacher Feature: Marisa!

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Meet Marisa! Nothing makes her come alive like a room full of sweaty students breathing and moving.

I joined the Inner Bliss team in 2012 and am forever grateful for the daily challenge to open up, dig deep and choose love over fear.
— Marisa

Can you tell a bit about your journey to yoga? 

I was extremely anxious before I started practicing yoga and I managed my anxiety in a number of unproductive ways.  Now yoga keeps me sane and grounded.  

What brought you to Inner Bliss?

I love the Inner Bliss community. The students are incredibly kind and committed.  Their dedication and growth is a privilege to witness.  

What keeps you coming back to yoga?

I'm a kinder person when I practice yoga--and the world needs more kind people--and so in that way, my practice is my service. 

What would you tell a brand new yogi if asked to describe the practice?

It's magic. Try it. Let it change your life.  

What's your teaching style like?

Challenging, intentional, and connected.

What influences and inspires your teaching style?

The students at Inner Bliss inspire me and challenge me to show up authentically as my best self for every class. They deserve that!

Do you have a favorite yoga pose or sequence?

Lately I love legs up the wall.