Max Strom at Inner Bliss Yoga Studio

Max is Coming Back!

We are thrilled to welcome back teacher, speaker, and author Max Strom to Inner Bliss in November for four workshops at our Westlake studio location.

In addition to the workshops below, Max Strom will be offering one hour private, sessions on Monday, November 13 from 9am-4pm in the small practice space at our Westlake Studio. To schedule a session, please email Max's assistant, Ingrid Green, at

I love that Max and his teachings are so friendly and accessible to almost anyone. He presents the practice of breathing and moving in such a way that feels authentic and so simple, so approachable and real.
— Tammy Lyons, Inner Bliss Yoga Studio Founder and Owner


The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Friday, November 10, 6:00-8:00pm – $40.00

Forgiveness is perhaps the most powerful tool we have for healing ourselves. To forgive another, heals oneself, just as anger toward another poisons oneself. Anger and resentment destroy our lives. For the body to heal, often times what is most vital is to heal the broken heart or spirit. Failure to forgive affects our stress level, power to heal the body, discernment, and all our relationships. The first part of this seminar is a powerful lecture on forgiving others; the second part will address forgiving oneself. Max has taken the message of forgiveness around the world to a people of many faiths and nationalities. Bring your mat and writing materials. Appropriate for all levels.


Inner Axis Essentials
Saturday, November 11, 11:00AM-5:30PM - $130.00

This daylong workshop will be a day of exploring the essential elements of practice that Max Strom is so highly regarded for. It is open to all levels. The morning will consist of a short lecture on essential terms followed by a full practice of breath initiated movement and healing patterns of yoga postures. The Afternoon will go more deeply into the how and why of the essential elements he works with.


Finding Your Life Purpose
Sunday, November 12, 11:30AM-1:30PM, lecture & writing - $45.00

Known for his depth perception and insight into the human experience, this brand new seminar offers an inspiring and insightful talk by Max, followed by a concise course in essential steps to reveal and/or launch one’s life purpose. The insight you will gain cannot be purchased or found in a book, university, or website. This special seminar will help you to see your world differently, and even course-correct the trajectory of your life course. Be sure to bring writing materials.


How to Teach and Inspire Beginners
Sunday, November 12, 3:00PM-6:00PM
For teachers and teachers in training (beginners welcome too) - $60.00

The beginner needs a combination of flowing-movement, safety, education, and inspiration. They also need to learn to breathe and to understand why they need to learn to breathe. Leading such a class is often intimidating to teachers leaving them reluctant to teach beginning students at all. Experience Max Strom’s renowned class for beginners that has been refined over 21 years. Class will include a short talk, yoga postures, breathing, and even meditation. It will help you to embrace teaching beginning students with new confidence and knowledge. Bring your mat and writing materials. (Please no recording equipment)