Meet #IBYWarrior Cindy Sorboro

I fell in love with yoga when… I felt that connection between the breath and practice on the mat and how it transitions to life off the mat. 

My favorite time to practice is... anytime, because it's always a new experience. 

I have been practicing at InnerBliss since... 2008.

Most of the time I leave class feeling… loved, peaceful and grateful for this beautiful practice. 

The pose I love most is… balancing half moon. The combination of being grounded and balanced while heart opening feels and looks beautiful to me!

Words that lift my heart arenamaste, begin again, love, let it go, balance, peace, feel everything.

The breath is… Grace, life-giving, divine love and connects us all. 

Inner Bliss is… the embodiment of yoga. It's an amazing, welcoming space to come to grow, let it go and always feel loved. I haven't found another space quite like it. That's why I drive 40 minutes to practice 4-5 times a week. It is home. It is where I fell in love with the practice of yoga.