Teacher Feature: Meet Chris!

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Meet Chris!

This cool guy teaches at all three Inner Bliss locations, and lights up any room with his giant hearty laugh! 

Life is stressful and can be really hard. Yoga shouldn’t be; yoga should be loving and kind and make us feel better!
— Chris Warnack

What brought you to yoga?

I came to yoga because I was a runner and I had a terrible back injury that required surgery and made running impossible. I was crazed over not having an outlet to burn out my brain. I decided to check out this crazy yoga thing I heard so much about and then couldn't stop. It was the perfect outlet to quiet my mind and keep physically active. 

What keeps you coming back?

The people! Quieting the crazy in my head and staying physical are still super important but I meet such amazing people in class and at the studio. They're all so amazing and loving and there's no where else on planet earth like a yoga class, with so much love and so much kindness. It makes me a better person and that's something I work on every day of my life; being a better person

We're loving your Special Classes (Britney, Gaga, etc)! How do you come up with the inspiration?

Why, Thank you! You know that feeling when you're jamming out in your car and you don't care that anyone sees you? That's what I'm trying to accomplish! To me yoga doesn't always have to be what most people think yoga is, all OMs and chanting music. I love that too but I also love to just have some fun! We all connect to yoga in different ways, I'm just trying to bring yoga to students that might enjoy a different approach.

Why do you think this kind of class is so popular?

Because the world can be a crazy and scary place at times. Yoga is supposed to help us deal with all that and what's more fun than flowing to some Britney jams? 

How do yoga and pop music fuse together? What kind of class experience does it allow for?

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly! Like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows! (I'm really hungry, it's my lunch break) Music amplifies yoga and music that is fun and upbeat can create such a wonderfully fun space to practice!

What's your best piece of advice for yoga students practicing at Inner Bliss?

This is my favorite question! Everybody is not the same and every BODY is not the same. You do you! Don't worry about what others in class look like or what poses they can get into. I'm a yoga dude, I've been practicing for YEARS and due to my body's limitations I can't get my heels on the floor in down dog. Who cares? My body is what it is, I definitely work towards being more flexible but the practice is actually about acceptance and feeling good about yourself!

Just enjoy yourself. In every class I teach I ask the students to kiss each one of their knees at the end of class before happy baby. Not only because its so much fun to hear those big smooches but more important so we remember to be kind to ourselves. Life is stressful and can be really hard. Yoga shouldn't be, yoga should be loving and kind and make us feel better!

I love you all and I want you to love yourself too, just as you are!

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