Meet #IBYWarrior Karen Small

When Karen isn't on the mat at Inner Bliss, you may find her one of our favorite CLE eateries, The Flying Fig* in charming and historic Ohio City.

My favorite time to practice is... first thing in the morning. I love the softness of a new day and the opportunity to start over again with renewed energy, clarity and vision. 

I have been practicing at Inner Bliss... for at least 13 years, time goes so quickly, that it's hard to recall for certain.

I usually leave the studio... immensely grateful that I was able to be there and with the intention to approach the day with grace and an open heart.. admittedly it doesn't always work out that way, but that's my intention  ;)

My breathing practice... has become so important to me, it has taught me to breathe before speaking, breathe before reacting and breathe to become quietly powerful.

The pose I love most is... headstand. I love the feeling of turning upside down and the strength it takes for me to hold the pose. Once up and balanced, I don't want to come down. I also love bound warrior 1 because of how it expands the heart and opens the shoulders. It makes me feel strong and open to change and possibilities, while reminding me to practice humility as well.  

Inner Bliss is... my sanctuary. It provides a place to practice being quiet, reminds me of my need for discipline, encourages me to continually practice opening my heart and head, and while there, I usually believe anything is possible. It's a very special place full truly special people.

*The Fig has long been at the forefront of the farm-to-table movement. In their fifteenth year, it remains their goal to support small family farms and local food artisans while creating critically acclaimed menus that evolve frequently to reflect seasonal availability. The atmosphere reflects its diverse neighborhood and is casual and friendly.