The Wandering Yogi: Verge Yoga Center near Philadelphia, PA

"Where can I practice?"

This was of course one of my first thoughts as I drove to Philadelphia to visit family for Easter.

After scrolling through the list and checking out various websites, Verge Yoga in Wayne, PA stood out, plus it was only a 5 minute drive from where I was staying...bonus! This studio is all about the VERGE Experience: building your own yoga schedule to get what you need out of your own practice.  

Upon arrival I checked into the Flow 60 and paid the $18.00 drop in fee while being greeted by a friendly face at the desk. Since I was a bit early, I was able to peek around a little. The studios were very clean with plenty of space for your belongings along with a cute little boutique filled with some shirts, jewelry and books. One of the books for sale was written by the Owner of the studio, Cara Bradley, On the Verge: Wake Up, Show Up and Shine. 

If you’re always choosing the same variation, it’s not a variation. Try to do something different each time you come to your mat, that’s how you grow.
— Michelle, Verge Yoga Center teacher

The class I attended ended up being HOT. It felt good but a bit different because the heat felt more like steam to me. Being a chilly weekend it was a welcomed surprise and later I read on their website that all of their Flow and Stability classes are heated to 90 degrees even though it's not listed that way on the schedule.   

When I entered the practice space I placed my mat at the front of the room. When the teacher Michelle (great name:) began centering us I could tell she was very confident and I was going to like the class. Her sequence was challenging and she gave just the right amount of instruction while being quiet enough to allow our own practice to work.  

We spent a lot of time moving in this Vinyasa style class while adding some long holds in Fierce pose (another name for Chair) and Warrior 2. There were several poses that were done a bit differently then I am used to like Rabbit on our backs and seated pigeon.  She did have us use blocks during several poses such as half moon and reverse triangle reminding us that support is a sign of strength not weakness. Support is there to help us and we all need it sometimes both on the mat and off.  Well, no one can argue that!  

The music was good, and though the teacher only played a few songs, they were uplifting and played at the appropriate times.  

The second class I attended at Verge was also Flow 60 with a different teacher, and we moved a bit slower with longer holds focusing on twists and backbends. Jane reminded us to slow down. "Don't move so fast, that's when things get messed up." I loved this message also: "If we are always seeking we're probably missing out on what is right in front of us." 

This studio was the closest to home I have felt while visiting various studios outside of Inner Bliss. Between the talented teachers, the sequencing, the music and the warmth of the staff, I was as close to home as I could get! I have a feeling you cannot go wrong at Verge Yoga Center. I left the studio feeling focused, ready and energized for my day.  

Verge Yoga Center
250 W Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA 19087
(610) 971-0518

The Wandering Yogi also happens to be the Studio Manager at Inner Bliss, Michelle Hunt. She is a smiley soul who is deeply committed to her yoga practice. Read Michelle's bio →

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