Meet #IBYWarrior TJ Carney

#IBYWarrior TJ Carney

I feel in love with yoga when I recognize the free fall of spontaneous Samadhi, announcing itself as the most ordinary experience in the world, so that I think nothing of it.

My favorite time to practice is first thing in the morning, 5AM-ish because I can practice in worn-out pajamas.

I have been practicing at Inner Bliss since Inner Bliss opened.

Most of the time I leave class feeling wet, like I’ve worked hard doing the right thing.

The pose I love most is Padma Pinyamayurasana (forearm stand with legs in Lotus) because I usually can’t do it, but sometimes it finds me.

Words that lift my heart are Dad! Mom! GRANDPA! GRANDMA!

The breath is the inspiration to “engage the mind and wake up the soul” (Swami Vivekanada).

Inner Bliss is a community of practice, a group of people working together over the years as apprentices, mentors and masters, on the yoga experiment.