Add Sparkle to Your Holidays!

by Rita Abdallah, Spiritual Coach

Let me guess…

You don’t believe in clearing your energy. At least that’s what you tell yourself.

And who cares anyway? Isn’t that mumbo jumbo reserved for Ghost Busters and Star Wars?

A lot of times, I meet people who believe there is only one way to solve a puzzle or heal an old story. And then, there comes a moment when the question is so big and the answer is nowhere in sight. 

Now what?

As a spiritual coach, I spend a lot of time with clients eager to bust out of their rut, break useless patterns and release outdated choices. While therapy, exercising and vacations are great ways of caring for yourself, what if you need a stronger approach? Most people appreciate an effective alternative that grabs their attention, stirs the heart and pushes them into bigger possibilities.

Aside from managing your body, mind and spirit, what does the condition of your physical spaces like your home, car and offices say about you? It is likely that, when your thoughts and emotions are disorganized and full of unwanted feelings, your space mirrors your mental and emotional state. Are you someone who avoids certain rooms because “there’s something you don’t want to touch or see for a while?" Did you start a house project 5 years ago that is still in progress?

Lately, I’ve discovered the benefits of using aromatherapy oils to clear away negativity on people, places and pets. According to the Mayo Clinic, some studies have indicated that aromatherapy may have health benefits, including relief from anxiety and depression and improved quality of life. At some point my personal excitement for using oils integrated into client sessions. Heck, I got so crazy about oils, I decided to come up with an oil blend called Sparkle! The formula is designed to shed the dread and show the glow. So far, feedback and results have been remarkable!

Why use Sparkle?

Sometimes you may sense that the air around you is dense or unsettling. Or you may experience an emotional setback such as a breakup or other deep loss. Usually this means there is an accumulation of unwanted energies seeking release. Sparkle spray is specifically designed for opening spaces that feel sticky and stagnant. Within moments, Sparkle lets go of built-up negativity, refreshes the mind, clears stale energies and eases stress and anxiety.

Unlike smoky smudge sticks, which may disturb sensitive noses, Sparkle can be used in work settings, yoga studios, Reiki/Polarity therapy rooms, massage practices, hospitals, nursing homes and businesses. Sparkle's scent is light. Positive energy lingers for 24 hours.

Pick up a little Sparkle next time you're at Inner Bliss!