The Wandering Yogi: Yoga Loft in Chicago

After wandering a bit farther from home, this time I ended up at Yoga Loft in Chicago and took the 7:00AM Powerful Flow class with Amanda.

After I accidentally stepped on the teacher’s foot, we laughed and she said ‘It’s ok! What is yoga without joy? We all just need to smile!’

This space was really cute and not far from Michigan Avenue and all the excitement that Chicago has to offer. 

Although there was an elevator, I took the stairs to the 4th floor; it was nice to get the heart rate going before class! 

When I arrived I was greeted by a friendly face who checked me in and showed me around, Amanda was the teacher for the class as well. Luckily, the studio had yoga mats to rent since I had not traveled with mine, but I would suggest bringing your own mat to this studio for a fresher experience.    

Once I got past the mat situation and got into the flow I really enjoyed the sequence. Amanda used a lot of instruction and focused on proper alignment. She explained how to get into each pose by explaining exactly where your body parts should be, this was helpful. Even though I've been practicing for a long time, I am always trying to improve and learn. Her assists also rocked and I received a lot of attention, probably because it was a smaller class, but I was grateful. We also practiced handstand and I don't find that very often at other studios. I love turning upside down especially early in the morning when the day is new and I feel like I can accomplish anything. 

At one point Amanda was assisting another student and I believe stepped on her foot, they both laughed and Amanda said "it's okay, what is Yoga without joy? We all just need to smile!" It was a nice reminder for life as well, we all trip & fall but it does not have to be so serious…we can smile through it. I smiled my way out of the studio after an awesome practice in one of my favorite cities, and took the elevator down! 

PHONE: +312.344.1606

The Wandering Yogi also happens to be the Studio Manager at Inner Bliss, Michelle Hunt. She is a smiley soul who is deeply committed to her yoga practice. Read Michelle's bio →

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